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We Make Medieval and Renaissance Crossbows

Welcome to our on-line catalog. A list of patterns that are available is in the "List of Crossbows" page. In addition, all of the old crossbow patterns are still available, and they are listed in our book, Iolo's First Book of Crossbows. which is available for free download. The book contains information on medieval archery, bow safety, and all of our crossbow styles and options.

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horizontal copper bar

horizontal copper bar

About the Crossbows that We Build...

We build only Medieval and Renaissance-style crossbows — mostly light target and recreational bows. We can make bows anywhere from 50 to 180 lb. draw, 250 to 1500 inch-pounds of power. (Inch-pounds equal draw weight x draw length, thus 100 pounds x 8 inches = 800 in/lb.)

For backyard target practice and medieval war games, such as those played by Markland Militia and the Society for Creative Anachronism, we recommend a bow of about 75 lb at 7 1/2 inches of draw (@ 550 inch-pounds). This same bow would suffice for hunting small game or for bow fishing. Accuracy and penetration required for hunting large game, or target shooting at longer ranges (over 75 yards require a bow of 100 lb. or more. We recommend at least 1000 in/lb, preferably 1200.

The standard bowstave for our bows is a very efficient aluminum alloy prod of about 75 pound draw at 7 1/2 inches of draw. This bow can be drawn to a bit over 80 lb. and can be under drawn down to about 50 lb. If you desire a strong bow for long range shooting or hunting large game, you will want to purchase the steel bowstave (prod) that is available from 125 to 175 pounds at about 7-8 inches of draw. The steel prod will cost an extra $60. (We have discontinued the fiberglass bows due to difficulty in getting them at a reasonable prices and their inherent fragility.)

A note of caution: Bows in excess of @150 lb. of draw will be hard to pull, have more recoil and destroy more bolts than the lighter bows. They will not be as much fun to play with, and are more likely to seriously injure or kill your neighbors if you should have a shooting mishap in your back yard. All bows are dangerous if used unsafely, but the STRONG bows are REALLY DANGEROUS! We do not recommend you buy a bow in excess of 150 lb. unless you have some particular purpose for a very strong bow.

To help disguise their modern look, all aluminum crossbow prods come with a dyed (black or brown), stitched on deerskin cover. The prod may be made without the cover, upon request, for a $15 reduction in price.

For further information please see our Parts of the Crossbow or Crossbow Options sections.

For ordering or contact information see the contact information page.