Pattern Number Name Period Length
#4D "Padre Island Bow" 1554 28 inches

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A Spanish light sporting bow. The original of this reproduction was recovered from the Padre Island galleon wrecks of 1554. New World Arbalest has provided reproduction bows of this pattern to the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History (the curators of the 1554 wreck collections) and to the Turks and Caicos Islands National Museum, for the Molasses Reef Collection. The crossbow has a 28-inch oak stock, a mortised and reinforced horn lock, steel prod (approximately 85 lb at 6 inches of draw), and inlet fore- and lockplates.

Standard Features

Standard Choices (included in base price)

Prices and Options
Base Price for the #4D "Padre Island Bow" $550.00
Tung Oil Finish $30.00
Bow Irons $95.00
Micarta-Lined Groove $40.00
Basic Sights $30.00
Renaissance Sights $85.00
Goats Foot Cocking Lever $240.00