Pattern Number Name Period Length
#5F "The Finnish Bow" 1350-1600 30+ inches

#5F - "The Finnish Bow" -- Click to see more pictures!
Shown with optional steel lathe, Micarta top, horn release and cow-horn lockplates.

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The model 5F crossbow (1350-1600) got it's start with an article on replicating traditional Finnish crossbows. A number of long, slender Germanic-style crossbows were included. I can't positively date these bows... the article was written in Finnish, but their appearance is very close to a preserved in Dresden, that is said to date to the mid or perhaps early 14th century.

Like the Finnish bows, the Dresden bow has a long, slender stock, rounded contours, and an enlarged head with bound-in prod. Model 5F 'Finnish' bows are always a hit at medieval meets, like Pennsic War, and quite honestly I think they're among the prettiest bows I make. Originals tend to be very long, but I don't recommend making custom bows much longer than your trousers inseam. Longer ones will gouge you in the belly when you bend over to span them.

Standard Features

Standard Choices (included in base price)

Prices and Options
Base Price for "The Finnish Bow", #5F $405.00
Choice of Woods for main body -
(Specify when ordering)
(Included in
base price)
Your choice of wood veneer top -
(Specify when ordering)
(Included in
base price)
Tung Oil Finish $30.00
Wooden Lockplates $12.00
Horn Release $95.00
Micarta Overlay $50.00
Bow Irons $95.00
Basic Sights $30.00
Renaissance Sights $85.00
Steel Lath $80.00

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