Pattern Number Name Period Length
#5 "The Central European Bow" 1250 - 1600 28 - 32 inches

#5G - "Central European Bow"red in oak with included contrasting walnut top.) -- Click to see more pictures!

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This is a typically German or Swiss bow, but might be found in France, Northern Italy, Hungary, or any other area fairly close to the German principalities, from the thirteenth through the seventeenth centuries. It comes with tapered head and veneer top, with quarrel rest. Side plates are of wood veneer. If you want this bow to closely represent those of a particular period, we can adjust the proportions and options to give it the best detailing.

Standard Features

Standard Choices (included in base price)

Prices and Options
Base Price for Central European Bow #5 $365.00
Choice of Woods for main body -
(Specify when ordering)
(Included in
base price)
Your choice of wood veneer top -
(Specify when ordering)
(Included in
base price)
Tung Oil Finish $30.00
Wooden Lockplates $12.00
Horn Release $95.00
Micarta Overlay $50.00
Bow Irons $95.00
Basic Sights $30.00
Renaissance Sights $85.00
Steel Lath $80.00

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